Google E A T expert, authority and trustworthy

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What is meant by Google E A T expert, authority and trustworthy ?

What makes for high quality content? The answer is E-A-T (expert, authority and trust). That’s what Google is looking for.

According to Google Search Quality Basics part 1 side 4.3 is called if, “for high-quality pages, the web requires sufficient skills to lead the user to be sure of the topic being reviewed.”

At first glance it looks quite vague, but on a further basis Google insists that in its plans to achieve quality pages, here are the ‘expert’ content features that are important to note by expert writers, one of which

Articles related to medical advice
Finance, tax and legal articles
Articles on financial management, investing, parenting
Articles about special hobbies such as processed recipes, sports, or photography, and others

Pages that do not have a special skill level or pages that cover dense topics but lack information will be followed as low-quality pages by Google evaluators.

This applies to pages with specific, low-quality content or content that is simply annoying or may not be useful.

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