How to do Blogger Outreach for Backlinks

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Today, we are going to cover how to do blogger outreach that leads to backlinks

and this may very well be the most important lesson in this entire module because nearly all link building tactics require an email exchange.

so today, we will cover
the primary objective of blogger outreach,
two common approaches,
and I will break down the anatomy of good quality outreach email.

Let’s Get Started.

so the primary objective of blogger outreach is to convince those with large targeted audiences to talk about You.

and from the perspective of an SEO, you want them to link to your website.

now, outreach doesn’t mean broadcasting, meaning, you shouldn’t be sending every single person the exact same email like you would through email marketing.

for example, this outreach email that I got is what typical blogger outreach looks like today.

First of all, I can see that they didn’t even take a second to check what my name is.

when literally two-thirds of all pages of my personal site have my full name on them.

instead, they stuck with the generic “there” used it in a mass mailing software, and broadcasted it out to hundreds, maybe even thousands of people.

but the name thing isn’t that big of a deal.

second, this is clearly a generic templated email with zero consideration for the recipients.

The person says “I’m writing because I saw your post here”.

then they didn’t take a second to proofread the email.

and their justification for me to link to them is because “it fits well in my Post”

On top of that, the person followed up with me three more times with nearly exact same email all sent within the same 30-menute period.

this, ladies and gentlemen is called spam.
and the results of these kinds of emails lead to nothing.

the page the person wanted me to link to got a total of 2 backlinks and both of them are irrelevant and look like they’ve been paid for.

and those backlinks are not moving the needle since the page gets zero organic search visits.

These kinds of emails along with hundreds of others in my inbox are prime examples of why you need to write good quality emails.

Otherwise, you will just blend in with the rest of the spam people get on a daily basis.

After all. these are unsolicited emails.

Now, to be clear, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use some sort of template to send a lot of emails efficiently.

For Example, I literally just got this email in my inbox and it says:

“Hey sam, I Just Publisher a roundup a Post about the Best Personal Blogs to read and I Featured you in it”,
and that’s a link to his post

then he explicitly says: “But I’m not looking for a share or anything like that.”

I Just wanted to say thank you for all the inspiration You Have brought to the blogosphere and digital marketing world.

Best of luck in your endeavors and keep up the good work on Ahrefs’ YouTube Channel.

This email didn’t come to my ahrefs email account.

it came to the one on my personal site.

Se he clearly did a big of digging before sending the email and I’m sure he sent a similar message to all 117 people he featured.

So you might be thinking : what’s the point of this email if he is not asking for anything ?

we will get to that later in this lesson.

Now, the first email that I just showed you is one of the common approaches to blogger outreach.

it’s called ‘The Shotgun Approach” where you build a broad list of targets, load them up into an outreach tool, and then blast out emails to anyone and everyone.

The Opposite Approach to this is the snipper method.
this is when you choose targets carefully based on a tight set of criteria and then send personalized email.

of the two methods, we recommend going with the sniper approach because shotgunning emails to anyone and everyone is a surefire way to burn bridges, plus, no one likes spam.

and for that reason, the rest of this lesson will be centered around the sniper approach.

so before we get into actually crafting your outreach emails, let’s quickly talk about who you should be contacting and how to find their email addresses.

in general, you will want to contact the author of the post if they work for the website.
for example, this is a post written by Joshua Hardwick on the Ahrefs Blog.

Seeing as his profile states : “Head of content @Ahrefs”, you know he works there and controls what gets publisher on the Ahrefs’ blog, Now, for this post by josh, there wouldn’t by any use in contacting him because he doesn’t work for setpoint.

in this case, you would want to contact the editor of the blog, to find who that person is, you can check places like the website’s About or Team Page, there “Write for us” page if they have one, or their company’s Linkedln Profile.

Now, to actually find the person’s email address, the easiest way to check Contaft and About Pages, this works best for websites with one author.

For websites that Have Multiple people involved, like Sitepoint or Ahrefs, you usually won’t find individuals ’email addresses on their site.

So to find these emails, you can use a tool Like, go to their email finder tool.


and just search for their first and last name as well as the domain.

Hunter will then give you their best guess.

in this case, they’re wrong, but the success rate is generally quite high.

Alright, so if you have done the work for the lessons in this module to the point ,
then you should have chosen one of the 3 tactics I outlined,
created a list of prospects,
vetted your list,
and found some email addresses,
So it’s time to actually write the pitch.
Now, while there isn’t exactly a streamlined formula for every outreach email you send, I want to talk about the anatomy of a simple outreach email that has been effective for me for many years now.









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