How to get your first 100 quality backlinks

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if you want to get good at link building,
you need to practice.

you will get more informations also by click

and one of the best reachale goals you can set for yourself is to build your first 100 quality backlinks.

why 100 ?

to be honest, it’s a bit an arbitrary number.

but for a lot and mid competition niches, it’s enough to get a meaningful amount of organic traffic.

for example, this golf site gets around 4500 monthly seqarch visits with around 150 linking domain across their site

this low authority travel site has around 175 reffering domains and gets over 4000 monthly search visits.

and this parenting blog with around 70 reffering domains gets over 5000 montly search visits.

Most importantly, building 100 quality backlinks will give you the practical experience you need.

as a link builder because you will have to communicate with a lot of different people.

so in this tutorial, i am going to show you, how to get your first 100 backlinks using

stay tuned

Backlinks are undeniably the lifeblood of higher google rangkings.

and one you start getting them, organic traffic often climbs in tendem.

but not all backlinks are created equal,
I often see new sites that start by building low quality backlinks with comment spam


forum links, PBNs, and links from coupon sites, and sometimes, these backlinks are enough to move the needle unitially

but building low- quality link can be dangerous game to play because they can literally wipe your site off of google.

Now, while link building can vary from niche to niche and even page to page, there are a few tried and tested tactics that can work for anyone with minimal experience

so let’s start with the easiest method and that’s to start with organizations, communities, or clubs that you are already part of.

Whether it be personal or pleasure, in everyday life, we integrate our selves in communities.

that can be anything from a law associations to a non – profit organization to a school’s parent advisory board.

if you are a part of one of these organizations and it’s relevant to your site, ask for a link.

oftentimes, they will have team or advisory board pages where it actually makes sense to link to your site

start here because it’s about as easy as it gets, but that’s only one link.

so let’s get into our second tactic.

Use HARO to build authoritative links to your homepage

HARO stands for help a reporter out,

it’s a service that connects journalists with sources and sources with journalists.

After you have signed up as a “source”, you will get emails with a list of queries from jurnalists at various publications,

and these include business insider, the new york times, and USA today to name a few.

Now, there are tons of requests that come in on a daily and the majority won’t be relevant to you

so you can set up a simple gmai filter to sort through the noise.

Just go to your inbox and click on the caret to bring down gmail;s search options.

next, set the “form” field to

then, you will want to set the subject to haro within square brackets since all of their















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