How to Optimize a Page fow a keyword, On Page SEO

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How to Optimize a Page fow a keyword, On – Page SEO

Welcome to the second Lesson in the on-page SEO Module.
Today, I’m going to show you how to create a page that’s optimized for search.

So as I showed you in the last lesson, on average, the top ranking page ranks for, nearly 1000 keywords, for example, healthline’s page is clearly targetig the query, “How to lose weight fast” and sure enough, they are ranking in the top spot.

Now, the traffic to this page doesn’t come from just their target keyword.

it comes from te combined effect of ranking for thousands of queries.

and when we sum up the traffic from all keywords, it makes up over 100.000 monthly search visits just from US.

in fact, if we look at the page’s keyword rankings, you will see that the target query “how to lose weight fast’ only sends them a small percentage of the total monthly search traffic.

Now, in order to rank for a ton of keywords and get a ton of search traffic you need two things.

The First is a page that’s optimized to rank
and the second are backlinks.

in this lesson, we will cover how to create an optimized page and we will tackle links in the next module.

Okay, so with on – page SEO, there are teo main things we need to cover.

the first is arguably the most importan and that’s to ensure your page satisfies searcher intent.

We’ve already covered the 3 C’s of search intent which again will give you very basic guidance on the type of content to create, the format to use, and the angle to go with.

but the actual content itself is what’ll leave your visitors satisfied or dissatisfied.

so you might be wondering what exactly do I write about in order to satsfy searchers ?

the short answer is to learn from your competitors.
the top-ranking pages are ranking at the top for a reason.

Google and other search engines deem them as the best candidates to satisfy a searcher’s query.

So they are Cleary doing something right, at least from the perspective of a search engine.

Now, while the content will vary from topic to topic, the way you research your competitors, content will be more or less the same






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