Review Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 ULTRA!

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Hello Guys,
David is here!

And this is the
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra!

A tablet that costs
Rp. 19,999 million,

aka 20 million!


Sounds excessive doesn’t it?

20 million tablets…


Just look at the shape.

It’s really big, it weighs 723grams and the
screen has a size of 14.6 inches.

I feel like I just
grabbed the laptop screen, right?

Well, with an unreasonable combination of price and

we also have to use
this tablet unnaturally

if we want everything to feel… That’s


Do you understand?

The new video has started to make me think.

Yes, I mean,
if you

want to use the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
for very ordinary needs,

like just watching Youtube,
or just playing games,

this tablet will feel like a waste!

There are other wiser choices,
for example like the Tab S8+,

it’s 12.4 inches, the
price is 17 million,

or you can jump into the Tab S8,

the screen size is 11 inches, and the
price starts at 10 million.

The experience won’t be much different,
you don’t need to add extra money.

Moreover, the three brains are also the same, yes, all of them are

using the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen
1 all.

Playing the game is the same as fast, the

benchmarks should also be
the same at 800 thousand.

But if for example you are the sultan,
and we know, the sultan is free.

Please just buy this Tab S8 Ultra
for simple needs like this.

Do you just want to play games on this tablet?

Mobile Legends Ultra,
PUBGM HDR Extreme 60 fps mejem!

Then if you play Genshin
on the highest setting, you

can get an average of 42 fps.

It’s on the highest setting, yes, if it’s
on medium, it can get more than 50.

Pretty proud for Snapdragon
8 Gen 1, because when I tested it on a cellphone yesterday, its

performance was lower than this Tab.

Do you want to use it for watching?
Boss please!

The bigger the screen,
the better, right?

The panel is Super AMOLED with
100% black level and good contrast,

supports HDR10+, already 120Hz, the

resolution is at 2960×1848 pixels, the
glass is also Gorilla Glass 5.

The screen quality can be a mainstay when
we want to spoil our eyes, to

movies with bright colors,

It’s like a Korean movie
with bright colors, you know,


Oh yeah, maybe
your eyes have been glaring

with the bangs above them here,

which houses 2
wide and ultrawide front cameras.

It does look a bit awkward when you
first use it.

But when it’s been a day or two, you
‘ll get used to it until you forget it.

Just like HP HP or other laptop laptops
that use bangs too.

Forget it
, focus on other parts.

Like for example, you only care about the screen
that’s glaring.

Moreover, the Quad Speaker system on this tablet,

has been tuned by AKG
and supports Dolby

Atmos, I hope that I can give 4 thumbs up,
according to the number of speakers on this tablet.

Because his voice is very nampol!

The bass is rich, the details are clear, the
volume is loud.

It’s crowded…

This is the best speaker
I’ve ever heard on a tablet.

You can compete with others.

So even if someone buys this
Tab S8 Ultra just to watch it…

Well, I’m not complaining.
I like what I have.

It’s just…

It’s kind of like that,
if we buy things

that have more potential,

but just keep it like that.

It’s like buying a sports car but it only
takes 60km/hour…

That’s the engine, doesn’t it feel happy
or wants to cry?

This Tab S8 Ultra is the same!

Beautiful chip, beautiful screen and speakers,

12GB RAM, 256GB internal,
11,200 mAh battery,

we can insert a SIM card too and
can catch 5G networks,

everything will feel useful

if we often
activate Samsung Dex mode.

This is not Pertamina Dex’s sister or
anything, even though they have something in common.

Pertamina Dex is expensive,

Samsung Dex is also an expensive feature that

we usually only find
on their premium devices.

The thing is, to run this Dex
, you definitely need a lot of energy, right.

The system just feels like
using a desktop computer.

There’s a start button at the bottom, to
see a list of applications,

then in the middle below it feels like
there’s a taskbar with a shortcut,

at the bottom right there’s a system tray…

The multiwindow system is also really
similar to a PC that we can make it smaller.

This Samsung Dex has developed a
long way since it was first introduced, right?

We can also slide the Windows and then
Snap to the right, top left, bottom,


We can adjust the transparency of the window
like how.

Do you want to make it a bit see-through
or solid… you


Can we pin the window so that it’s
always at the top of the

pile? It’s really fun.

The apps are also Android-style,
which can be an advantage,

but it can also be a weakness.

The advantage is, nowadays it’s getting more and more
used to the applications on HP, there are

more types.

One task,
there are so many application options.

In fact…

There are some services
that are better or…

even only work if we access them
using an application, not a website.

For example,
it’s as easy as Gojek’s service,

you can’t do it on a computer,

on Samsung Dex, you can.

For example, if we want to shop online,

there are usually certain promos

that can only be active if
we buy them through the application.

When it comes to work,
for example for processing documents,

nowadays the big
players have made their mobile version of the software,

like MS Office!

Then, what else?


This function in the application is actually the
same as on the web,

maybe in the application it’s even better?

Those who use Notion
can comment below.

In terms of coding, I don’t know much about it,
but there should be a lot.

It’s like the logic:

“Does the developer not think about
making software for developing?”


Well, just
tell us what the software needs are,

90% of the time, we can definitely find a
solution on the Play Store.

The remaining 10%, of course, are typical
desktop PC applications like games on Steam,

that can’t be on Mobile.

But we can also say that
Mobile Games are not available on PC either.

In fact, many people defend themselves as
PCs for mobile game emulators.

So, break even huh?

Then complicated software like
Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve,

on mobile there
is no full-featured version.

It’s just that,
for most people, you

simple editing software,

which is so simple that you
can do it comfortably on your cellphone.

Like CapCut, is that so?

CapCut or Kep Kat Bal?

KepKat… CapCut is nice to say…

If we really need
more complex editing software,

doesn’t really provide it yet.

But the good news is,

Samsung has just announced that
they will be visiting LumaFusion,

it’s one of the
best video editing software people say on mobile.

This is a leap for Android tablets,

because so far,
LumaFusion is only available on iOS.

The longer the Android tablet, the
more complete it is,

and of course it will be even more competitive.

Make the Tablet Market even
more crowded.

Progress is fast!

And maybe,
if LumaFusion is popular,

just pray that

Adobe et al will get hot and defend
their software in here.

Yes, I hope so.

Software that seems definitely
not on the mobile,

maybe software that
specializes in office

, like accounting or something,

which is not commonly used by many people.
The market is too small.

Here you won’t have a tablet,
because you can’t use it either.

Indeed, there is no one system
that can support all software in the world.

For example, if you have a
Windows desktop for your home,

and you use this tablet for outside,

I think that’s a deadly combination.

Especially if for example you
are using a desktop,

this tablet can also be used as
an extra screen

for Windows through the dual screen feature.

Just press the button,
and select the tablet on the computer,

it will automatically expand!

This is a really bonus feature!

Oh yeah, if you’ve been curious about the
Tab S8 Ultra keyboard cover,

it already includes the sales package
during the pre-order period, right

until March 3rd.

If, for example, you bought
the Tab S8 Ultra, it didn’t go through a PO, you

‘ll have to add more later.

If it’s the S Pen, you

‘ll definitely
get it, no matter what.

These two accessories are the

same as what I’ve been talking
about so far, yes, when discussing tablets, the

law is mandatory if you want to maximize

the features that we discussed earlier.

It’s too lazy to use the Dex function, for example
, but there’s no trackpad or mouse.

It has to be a trackpad!

Want to go back to recent apps can be fast, want
to scroll, swipe right and left.

This tablet can only replace a laptop,
if we attach the keyboard.

That’s no debate, that’s for sure.

For example, if you want to connect to
a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard,

you can do that separately.


it’s a bit of a hassle if you want to carry it around, for example

Can’t just stay folded.

And there’s no kickstand either… That’s


The feeling of typing on the keyboard itself is already
good, it’s like typing on an ultrabook.

The travel distance
is thin but I

‘m sure, there is also a 3 level backlit which unfortunately
doesn’t have autobrightness.

For example, if people see us
using this tablet from afar,

they’ll think we’re on a
laptop, because we’re very similar.

For the weight itself,
if we use this complete package,

tablet and keyboard, the
total weight will be 1.375gram,

similar to an ultrabook.

Oh yes, one more thing,
this keyboard cover

has a slot for the S Pen,
which I showed you earlier.

So the S Pen will be even more secure, it

won’t fall on it or something
because it’s wrapped in a cover.

For example, if there is no cover, the S Pen
can still be put on the back like before,

but not closed,

and we can also
put it on the top here.

it’s just that if we put it up here,

it won’t charge the S Pen anyway, it
has to be in the back.

The S Pen on the Tab S8 Ultra is
a full size version, of course,

not a mini like the Samsung Note.

Because it would be really weird, a tablet as big as
this but the Pen is that small,

like a toothpick later.

The pressure sensitivity is up to 4096 levels, the
weight is only 8grams,

and the latency is really minimal
at only 2.8ms. Handsome!

The response feels instant
if we don’t really pay attention. There are several

software optimized for the S-Pen

, yes,
there is Clip Studio Paint,

there is LumaFusion, NoteShelf, there is PenUp,
and of course Samsung Notes.

‘s fun for those of you who work in the creative world.

It’s also good for use for meetings,
because the front camera,

if you use it for recording like this,
it can be at UHD 30p maximum.

4K you know!

Even if you’re making a meeting, it

doesn’t look like
4K quality will be displayed, right,

because of the compression, what’s going on,
it’s difficult to load later.

So, the ability of the front camera is
good for the wide, main camera.

If you want Ultra Wide, you can too!

And it’s better than the webcams of
most laptops nowadays.

But yes, if the standard is a
laptop webcam, the standard is low.

So yeah this is really good.

And there’s also an autoframing feature that can
track your face when you’re in a meeting.

The mic is great too!

If you make your own rear camera,
it’s just standard.

Like a 3 million HP camera.

It’s not something surprising
for a tablet.

As for the battery itself, when you
use it for watching movies,

you can get 8-9 hours of Screen on Time

But if we use a combination,
there is playing heavy games, there is making PPT,

browsing, watching too,

that’s what we get in 5 and a half hours.

Are there any more questions?

This is about to close.

[EKBAL]: Does it charge fast?

[DAVID]: Oh yeah, it’s great!

This is a big battery,
11,200 mAh,

here it supports power
up to 45Watt, yes,

from 0 to 100%
it only takes 80 minutes.

That’s so fast.

Sept. Make a cover.

In conclusion:

I’m very happy that Samsung is still committed to

the tablet market, which seems to have
passed its golden age, right, the

size of the
cellphone was not as big as it is now.

So people want tablets.

Samsung is still serious about this market,

even though it doesn’t bear the brunt of it
through the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

For most people,

this is one of the best tablets that
deserve to replace the role of a laptop.

can get the productivity, multitasking that laptops offer,

and it seems that the
applications on the cellphone

can also be enjoyed on this tablet, right.

It’s like it’s fun.

The combination of two worlds that both make you
happy, you don’t have to choose.

The specs are also high-end, yes,
Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 12 GB RAM,

Super AMOLED touchscreen display,

there is an S Pen that can’t be
compared to any other laptop stylus, the

keyboard is delicious…

Want to be judged as a tablet, as a laptop,
use it as a desktop companion,

brought to field,
entertainment devices, gaming, design, this

Samsung Galaxy Tab
S8 Ultra gets high marks.

In accordance with
the high price too.

That’s the GadgetIn review for the
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Like if you like this video,
dislike if you don’t like it,

and we will meet again in the next video.


Prank people, yes, laptops.


It’s broken, but it’s still alive.

People shouldn’t be that easy.

Oh yes.


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