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there are potentially hundreds of technical SEO issues that can and some will definitely happen to your site.

some of these things include :

– page becoming broken that still have internal links pointing at them.

– orphan pages

which are pages on your site that have no incoming internal links.

and these are no great because it can make it tough for search engines to actually discover them.

Duplicate content issues

Redirect chains

redirect chains to name a few.

Now, there’s no point in me going through 50 different potential issues because it will only matter to you if you run into them.

so what I recommend you do is run scheduled website audits on your site

and a website audit will give you a full analysis of potential issues that could be harming your website’s SEO performance.

if you are an Ahrefs user, you can do that using our site audit tool.

and even if you don’t have an Ahrefs paid plan, you can sign up a free Ahrefs webmaster Tools account which will let you crawl up to 10000 pages on each website you own.

to get started, go to and sign up for your free webmaster tools account.

then, you will need to verify your website, meaning prove that you actually own it.

you can do that using Google Search Console which is the easiest method, or if you don’t have a Search Console Account, you can do it Manually.

Just enter your domain and click continue.

then verify your website using one of these three methods.

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