SEO Strategy in 2023

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SEO Strategy in 2023

in this super actionable video I’m going to lay out my entire SEO strategy for 2023

and I’m going to explain it step by step so you can copy it for massive traffic on Google these are the same tactics that my SEO portfolio company leadspring has used to generate these gigantic traffic boners before your eyes right now


today I’m opening up our Playbook to share these strategies with

you but before we get started there’s a

few things to know first everything

you’re about to learn is current and up

to date this video was shot in 2023 I

didn’t just change the title of an old

video second you will not be hearing the

same generic unactionable SEO advice

that you’re used to hearing write

quality content in Google will reward

you what are you even supposed to do

with that everything I’m going to teach

you is going to be actionable and clear

so you can start today and lastly make

sure to stick around to the end the

bonus tactic I’m going to share with you

is already making waves but in my

opinion it’s going to change SEO forever

let’s get started the first pillar of my

2023 SEO strategy is to write perfectly

optimized search engine friendly

articles there’s a lot to unpack here so

let me break this down the first thing

you need to know is that Google has no

idea what apple pie is huh no I mean it

Google is a robot it’s code it’s never

made apple pie or eaten apple pie so if

you write an apple pie recipe article

how can you make Google understand that

your article is the best while Google

doesn’t know what apple pie is it does

have a good reference of what makes a

good apple pie article and it’s called

page one of Google Google Compares your

content with the existing content at the

top of Google to see how you measure up

so your 2023 strategy needs to reverse

engineer what got these people to the

top of Google in the first place and

it’s not just me that’s getting results

with this approach my affiliate lab

student Katrina said that by following

the process I’m about to show you she

doesn’t get affected by core updates and

she doubled traffic for two websites in

a recent update before you create an

article you need to create an article

outline that’s Superior to your

competition to do that you want to

determine the heading structure outline

for your article as well as the ideal

word count let’s say you’re writing an

article on does the metaverse exist yet

go to Google type in your keyword then

open up the number one article now look

at these h 2 and H3 headings on the page

since this is the best article on the

topic this is the best outline on the

topic note these headings down also look

at how long this article is because

Google thinks it’s ideal Now open up the

second place article and the third place

article to get more headings to add to

your outline the reason that your

outline is the best is because it’s the

superset of all three of the top ranking

articles now it’s time to start writing

but here’s how again you’re going to

outclass your competition in your

introduction paragraph don’t fluff

around if someone’s search for does the

metadverse exist yet that means they

already know what the metaverse is don’t

waste our time explaining the metaverse

is a network of 3D worlds please shut up

next you know how Google uses the top

articles as a reference you want to

write your content to include the

keywords that Google expects to see in

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