Tamron 17-70mm F2.8 Review + Sony 16-55mm F2.8 G Comparison, photography news

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User guide and warranty information included is a nice plastic lens Hood the lens itself has a front plastic lens cap as well as a rear plastic lens cap there’s nothing else in the box taking a look at the lens feels very similar to the Tamron 28 to 75 f 2.8


it’s about the same size and it feels just about the same way starting at the rear of the lens you have a metal lens mount you have electronic connections this lens has a small rubber gasket around the mount because in the words of Tamron it is moisture resistance designed in Japan

however it is made in Vietnam no buttons no switches very simple and straightforward design you have a focus ring towards the back it is very smooth rotates infinitely in either direction it is drive by wire focus so it’s not linked mechanically to anything on the inside of the lens in most cases you’re probably not going to be touching the manual focus ring because the autofocus on this lens is moving forward the zoom ring is also very nice to rotate not a huge rotation

I would say it’s less than a quarter of a turn nicely damped it does take a little bit of effort especially as you extend out past 50 mm but the entire motion is fluid and nice it’s not as creamy as being Sony go but it’s pretty close on the front now 17 to 70 millimeter on an APC sensored camera is equivalent to about 20 minutes full frame camera which does not exist there is not a 24 to 105 f 2.8 out on the market right now also because of its mostly plastic and rubber and glass construction this lens is relatively lightweight it’s just barely more heavy than the Sony 1655 g it comes in at 525 g which is not a whole lot this Tamron has rxd which stands for rapid extra silent stepping which is their supper autofocus motor that is very quick very accurate and very silent the lens has 16 elements in 12 groups including two glass molded aspherical lens elements are supposed to be better for chromatic vibration and some flaring it also has a nine bladed diaphragm and bbar which is their advanced AR coating comparing it side by side to the Sony 16 to 55 g 16 to 55 is just a little bit more compact even fully extended zoomed in to 55 mm on the g and 70 mm on the Tamron


the Tamron is about a centimeter overall longer in length beyond that both lenses feel just about the same again the camera is just slightly heavier I’d say the g does feel just ever so slightly better built it also has that programmable button on the side as well as an autofocus manual focus switch so it does have a couple of extra things built into it but you’re not missing a whole lot with the Tamron


both lenses have the rubber gasket around the mount so both are weather sealed the size difference is not huge especially considering the fact you are getting a wider zoom range with so both of these lenses are very similar I’ve already established that the Sony 16 to 55 is very sharp it’s just as sharp as a sigma prime lens when you compare it side by side so it is a very good lens the problem with the Sony the one issue with the sun is that it costs which is a lot of money this Tamron is almost half the price and if it’s performance can match the Sony well then Tamron will have a winner on their hands let’s jump into the side by side comparison what I did is I took my tripod out I took my a6100 out and I took a bunch of side by side samples let’s see how they perform I’m going to keep all of the Tamron images on the left and all the Sony images on the right it was interesting to see how both these lenses tackled aperture priority because they were slightly different in terms of shutter speed so here’s the first portrait again at 2.8 on both wow look at how close it is look a little bit nicer a little warmer I’d say that this is a a tie between the two lenses we’ll see the bouquet on the Sony is a little bit smoother you see more of a rounded and kind of a little bit more busy on the inside with the Tamron and the notice that a little bit more here this next one is done at 35 mm same settings on both punch in and again a little bit warmer tones from the Tamron if you look nice as far as sharpness I’d say again this is a tie both look a little bit warmer tones from the Tamron which do you look nice as far as sharpness I’d say again this is a tie both look very very sharp very nice even cold Lucas is looking good in this photo on both lenses I took a couple of landscape shots here and these are done at at 2.8 trying to see if we can catch anything aftermatic aberration or any noticeable loss of detail in the corners and you can see here that at 16 mm and at 17 mm on both lenses plenty of detail a little bit of chromatic aberration but very low controlled on both lenses the Cameron does have been getting in the corner if you look at the very corners they do get a little bit darker whereas the Sony 16 to 55 does have a little bit of me getting but not near so as much back to portraits here another one of my wife done at 55 mm same settings on both lenses again wide open at f 2.8 slightly warmer tones with the Tamron it looks like a Sony might be just a touch a little bit sharper but not by much at all those lenses performing remarkably walk here here’s another shot and a good demonstration of the bouquet difference so again a little bit smoother with that 16 to 55 the Tamron still has a nice bouquet but they are a little bit more outlined not onion ring but it is a more distinct outline and then the inside of the boat table is just not kind of a smooth finish like this it’s a little bit like it’s kind of busy I’m it’s not overly distracting and then look at this from a distance it’s not like the bouquet is crazy distracting a lot of people who are you know all about bouquet will appreciate the sooner they’re okay of the 716-55 here is a landscape shot done at 35 mm on both same settings f8 so stop down and take a look at the sharpness and there is no difference between these two if anything with Tamron looks a little bit better here but it’s identical in my opinion take a look at all these little details this next shot is another portrait then at 35 same settings on both at 2.8 wide open I auto focus on both of these lenses works exceptionally well however I did notice when my wife was turning to the side the Sony did do a slightly better job with grabbing focus in this case the Tamron did slightly Miss focus you can see that my wife’s face is just a touch soft whereas when you compare it to the Sony it is just razor razor sharp every little detail if you want is there in the backgrounds and look pretty good on both to be honest with you here let’s move on to the next one this is done at 50 mm on both this is aperture priority so you’ll see that the Tamron in this case is he shot at one over 400 versus 1 over 220 not huge difference but that is just how the camera is interpreting the shot and look at that just mailed eyes are just razor sharp on both I cannot find the winner between these two shots this shot is stopped down to f4 on both lenses 24 mm or so and again take a look at how sharp just the eyes are skin detail everything is there I’ve never compared a lens this close to the performance of the 16 to 55 apart from the signature that is a big statement for those of you who have been watching this channel for a while I mean Tamron is just exceptional that is the the word that I use very very short very nice looking let’s move on to the next one here is just a building done 17 mm 16 mm on the wide end at 4:00 we’ll see if there is any major differences in detail see a little bit chromatic aberration or controlled here or controlled on the Sony so here let’s zoom in a little bit there is some chromatic aberration with both of these lenses it shows up a little bit more with the Tamron the Sony still does have some but it’s just not as obvious not a huge deal though when you look at how small that is on the photo it’s really in my new thing in general I found that both of these lenses perform quite well when it came to hermaphrobration you could go to some samples here this shot I wanted to demonstrate barrel distortion with both lenses so here’s a Tamron you can see me crosswalk is nice and curved look at the Sony’s it does flatten out the side of that building the crosswalk

So nice it does flatten out the side of that building the crosswalk a little bit more straight ranches this is wide open 5 mm show me some detail is a chromatic aberration yes there is some with the camera on there’s some with the Sony but both are doing a really good job control and Pierce the difference with flair you’ll see the Sony does a slightly better job just less distinctive flair I’m see a little bit more of it with a camera on but again not a huge deal both lenses doing remarkably well in terms of flare control and chromatic aberration control and this is a truly impressive results for a lens that is as inexpensive realistically you really aren’t giving up anything by picking up a tameron 1770 f250 for the Sony 1655 hand with this camera on the extra bit of range but you get VC that vibration control now what I did is I can parent astatic handheld shot hear of a leaf this is what you get with the Sony 1655 without any stabilization whatsoever now with VC on you can clearly see it does make a difference now if you’re around and you’re walking around and shaking it like crazy don’t expect it to make your videos look for photography in low-light situations and if you are trying to do some basic handheld shots without a tripod or a monopod Avicii does come in quite handy this is the Tamron lens in combination with the Sony a 6600 which is Ibis plus VC control unfortunately on the a 6600 there’s no way to turn off PC apparently of Ibis you’re getting beat dollar lens for about half the price and in addition to that you’re getting image stabilization vibration control which comes in so handy especially for those of you who have any 6003-a 61-64 all of those camera bodies don’t have Ibis and so this lens is going to be a performer in fact I would say it’s going to perform better with those camera bodies and even the 16255 in low-light situations where you do need stops of stabilization I never imagined that a lens would come close to the performance of the 1650 570 but Cameron did they hit this thing out of the park and really the small little things like oh doesn’t have any switches it doesn’t have this it doesn’t have that really doesn’t matter when you look at the lens as a whole has a package if you are looking for one plans to replace your kit lens one lens that does everything portraits landscapes interior shots low-light shots this is the lens to definitely check out the links download Amazon and I don’t think that they are going to have any price reductions or sales on this lens if it’s anything like 5 ft 24 full frame Sony cameras it’s going to be a bestseller and I think that many people are pick up Sony info cameras because of this one that’s how good it is so this review was not sponsored by Tamara I know it sounds like I’m just going over this land since not sponsored I bought this with my own money like this land is just that good it is truly remarkable sell off your 18 to 105 sell off your 18 to 1:35 so after 16 270 size that long time ago I think that most of you will be blown away just like I have been so much for all you guys thought of this Wednesday’s performance


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