Why Does Website Rank Drop in Google Search Engines?

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Why Does Website Rank Drop in Google Search Engines?

Why did it appear on Google Search Engine before and now it’s gone?

it is a cause for being consistent for inconsistency

If you make a backlink should focus on an anchor text and links

Google only allows 2 web links to be on its search engines, which means that each competing link will have competition due to the existence of the same anchor text with different destination links.

So my personal advice, first make sure what is entered in Google, then the link is maintained and strengthened with lots of backlinks

or if you want the “product” label on google pages,

You have to set a heart and a choice, you want to focus backlinks with a certain achor at home, in a category or in a product or on a certain link

Don’t blame your competitors for disappearing on Google Search, the main reason it’s lost in search is because of lost backlinks,

The next reason is, wrongly mistaken for the goal keyword


Why Website Rank Drops on Google Search Engines. As the most popular search engine in the world, Google is currently the foundation of various businesses around the world, especially those that rely on information dissemination or marketing via the internet. This is why business owners who are into digital marketing should engage in search engine optimization activities. Therefore, when a website ranks low on the search engine result pages, things get messed up.

Although many things have been done to maintain a website’s ranking on search engine results pages or SERPs, sometimes the website’s ranking still drops. This is caused by various factors, ranging from algorithm updates, hacking attacks, and various internal factors to the website itself.

The importance of SERP ranking

If the website has been built correctly, then the next step is to work hard so that your website is on the homepage of a search engine or SERP. It can even be done by paying for advertising on Google. This means that you have to pay Google so that they can display your website on the homepage.

But usually it needs to be optimized by building a good website and building a “support network” in the form of high quality backlinks. The goal is the same, namely hoping to appear in the initial SERPs ranking for certain keywords.

The website with the highest ranking on a particular search keyword will have more chances of being visited by users than a website ranked below or on the second, third page, etc. Therefore, the website to be profitable must appear at the top of the first page. Therefore, if there are more user access opportunities, it is expected to get a greater conversion profit.

Site ranking downgrades
When monitoring in Google Analytics, there are many reasons for a website dropping in rank. Sometimes, it’s user behavior that leaves something to do with keywords.

Analyze now
Several steps can be taken for analysis. Because many factors can cause a drop in rankings, it is necessary to look for the cause or why the website rank has dropped on Google Search Engines.

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